Velancia PDO Bi-Direction Short Cog (10threads*1pouch)


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  • Velancia PDO Bi-Direction Short Cog

    Velancia PDO Bi-Direction Short Cog (10threads*1pouch)


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      Velancia PDO Bi-Direction Short Cog

      Velancia PDO Bi-Direction Short Cog (10threads*1pouch)


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      • FDA Approved and CE Certified
      • 100% biocompatibility with tissue
      • No risk of allergic reaction
      • Needles are thin and flexible
      • Can be used with just a topical anesthetic
      • Possibility of repeated injections
      • Long lasting effect
      • Short recovery period.
      • Rejuvenating effect lasts for 2 years
      • Specially designed for patients who do not need extra volume on the face
      • Due to incisions along the entire circumference, reliable fixation and double collagen production
      • Rapid recovery with minimal traumatization of tissues

      Bi-directional Cogs have an ad­vantage of the notches being cut in two direc­tions: this provides power to support the skin from both sides of the thread.

      In addition, double-pointed notches form a three-dimen­sional framework, which guarantees a long-lasting result after the procedure.

      Treatment areas

      • Frown lines
      • Nasolabial folds
      • V-line
      • Neck wrinkles
      • Arms
      • Breasts
      • Abdomen
      • Hips
      • Thighs
      • Calves


      • Eyebrow drooping
      • Crow’s feet around the eyes
      • Glabellar frown lines
      • Nasolabial folds
      • Ptosis of cheeks and chin area
      • Laxity of the skin on the chin, neck and chest
      • Uneven skin after liposuction
      • Folds in the ears


      Needle Size & Thread Length

      Needle Size 23 G 38 mm, Thread Length 50 mm, USP 3-0, Needle L-cannula, Needle Size 23 G 50 mm, Thread Length 70 mm, USP 3-0, Needle L-cannula, Needle Size 23 G 60 mm, Thread Length 70 mm, USP 3-0, Needle L-cannula, Needle Size 21 G 38 mm, Thread Length 50 mm, USP 2-0, Needle L-cannula, Needle Size 19 G 38 mm, Thread Length 50 mm, USP 0, Needle L-cannula

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