About our company

AUKO sells high-quality aesthetic cosmetics that help girls and women care for their skin, hair, and body.

Some of you are already familiar with our company, which is the only legitimate successor to aukoworld.com. In addition to new name, we have changed our attitude towards customers and improved the quality of work and the speed of processing orders so that you can receive our cosmetics in the shortest possible time.

All products are shipped from two large warehouses located in the US and South Korea!

Our priorities are quality, speed, and customer care!


We want to warn our customers that the materials of the goods and their actual packaging may have different information than the data on our website. Read labels and warnings carefully to avoid harm to your health. All information about nutrients, ingredients, directions for use, and side effects is in the leaflet that comes with the drug. You should be aware of food intolerances, allergies, and other characteristics of your body that prohibit you from using such products. We provide educational content that does not replace the advice of professional doctors, pharmacists, and other qualified healthcare professionals. Do not use the information on our web platform for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

Our Features

Returns & Free Shipping

If you purchase products over $190, we will ship them free all over America. You can return the goods within 21 days.

Money Back Guarantee

If you do not like the quality of the product, then we return your money.

Online Support

We are always glad to help you; our team works around the clock to answer your questions.

Our specialists

It is a group of experts who do everything possible to ensure that you receive the goods you need in the shortest possible time.


1721 Aviation blvd #31,
Redondo beach, CA, 90278


Phone: 424-401-6075



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