Hemp in cosmetology

Hemp in cosmetology

A cosmetic that is based on hemp is a large segment of various skin and hair care products. Its popularity grows with the tempo the scientists open more and more valuable qualities of this plant.

Hemp has a therapeutic effect on skin and hair. It helps to prevent aging and various dermatological problems. Seeds, leaves, and flowers are used during cosmetics production.

Hemp allows users to try innovative technology and high-quality products in the world of cosmetology. Let’s take a look at the types of hemp used in cosmetology.


Hemp Seed Oil Face Mask

Hemp seeds contain up to 75% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Vitamins A, D, and E, as well as various minerals. It:

  • smoothens skin;
  • enhances its tonus;
  • gives its natural shining;
  • prevents aging;
  • protects and calms skin.

Besides, face masks with hemp seed oil helps to get rid of dry skin, dermatitis, and psoriasis.


Sun Block

The hemp seed oil has SPF 6. It helps to screen some ultraviolet rays without preventing your organism from absorbing valuable vitamin D. The news is that our skin quickly absorbs this oil, and it becomes a protective, moistening, and rejuvenating beauty product in combination with other sun-reflecting products or natural oils.



Toners with hemp were created to calm the skin. Hemp’s calming properties will manage to calm down even psoriatic skin. Our ancestors knew about the calming qualities of help and widely used it in their everyday lives.



Serum based on hemp is able to moisturize your skin and make it look well-cared-for. Moreover, it sets a protective barrier for your skin.



Aggressive shower gels and soap, in combination with hard water, will make your skin feel dry and tightened. Lotion with hemp is a great solution to make your skin feel happy and look good. Your body will say thank you if you treat it with hemp lotion.


Multipurpose Cream

Multipurpose Cream

Hemp-based multipurpose cream will make your skin silky and soft. It helps to preserve moisture and get rid of roughness and redness. Everyday usage will make your skin look and feel healthy.


Facial Oil

Hemp oil has a regenerative effect on our skin. It is able to regulate the processes of sebum production and normalizes them. This oil increases skin stiffness and fights starburst veins (and this is crucial for mature skin).


Cleansing Oil

You can also use hemp oil as a make-up remover to combine valuable and practical qualities together.

Skin Needling

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